About Black Yoga Society

this is how we started...

Andriana here! The founder of Black Yoga Society.

May 2020, BYS was created from my struggle to find BPOC in yoga studios or healing spaces. With an aim to meet like-minded people, I created BYS: The Community for the sole purpose of having an open, no-judgement space to meet other Black wellness professionals. 

I noticed many professionals struggled to promote their services and enthusiasts struggled to find these professionals. I knew there had to be an easier way. And thus, the directory was created.

This want led to over 350+ community member in just a month! The support has been paramount and more than I ever hoped for. I hope to connect you with resources and opportunities for beginning or continuing your internal journey!


our mission

We don’t call ourselves the front page of black wellness for nothing. Our sole mission is to provide education, resources, and opportunities for Black health and wellness professionals and enthusiasts.

who we are

  • The front page for Black wellness to help you discover healing in a Black-focused environment
  • A directory of Black healers and merchants online and in your area
  • An educational resource for self-development created for and by Black healers

our aim

  • Help you, as someone interested in wellness, to find professionals you can easily identify with that understand your journey and generational trauma
  • Provide free education through various mediums
  • For professionals, we offer an easy-to-use directory to promote your products, business, and services

how we'll do it

  • Scholarships for BPOC to complete their heal-focused training, generated through donations and 10% of all sales
  • Discounts with black merchants and healers in development
  • Daily, open discussions in our community
  • Of course, our awesome directory!


  1. Support healers in your area by attending their studios, classes and purchasing their services. Recommend them to friends!

  2. Show love online by following them on Instagram, liking their pages on Facebook, and subscribing to their YouTube channel. Share their content!

  3. Leave reviews if you have a great experience with them and provide constructive feedback if you don’t. Everything counts!

got some more questions? interested in donating?