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Crystal Candles Are the Manifestation Item You Need

Crystal-infused candles are a good addition to your home décor that emanates positivity. The scents fill your home with a beautiful fragrance while the crystals attract good or dispel negative energy with their vibrations. 

Our vegan candles (100% soy wax for safety) are considerately created and hand-poured with love, soul, and creativity in Toronto, Canada. They’re perfectly infused with only the finest premium-grade quality essential oils and topped with herbs that relate to each manifestation. Each crystal has been hand-selected for its appearance and vibrations, cleansed, and energized. You can set your own personal intentions that are special and unique to you while using each candle.

Crystals have been used since ancient times for spiritual development and physical, emotional, and mental healing. Here are some of the many benefits you will gain from using our lovely crystal-infused candles.

I am love candle

This floral candle is infused with clary sage, rose, and orange essential oils and topped with herbs such as rosebud, rose petals, myositis, and Jasminum sambac. Your candle may include any of the following crystals and their benefits:

Rose quartz dispels negativity, encourages unconditional love for self and others, and restores harmony and trust in relationships by purifying and opening the heart center. 

Aventurine clears, activates, and protects the heart center, bringing comfort and beautiful calming energy. It helps you to release unhealthy patterns in relationships and helps you to look for new solutions and directions with increased joy and enthusiasm.

Picture jasper heals the emotional body and helps you to release love, hatred, fear, and guilt. It gives a sense of proportion and harmony and enables you to enjoy simple things.

Tiger’s eye soothes tensions and promotes harmony in relationships and families where differences of opinion, viewpoints, religious beliefs, and approaches to life cause discord.

Watermelon tourmaline cleanses and removes any blockages in the heart center.

I am grounded candle

This earthy candle is infused with patchouli, lavender, and rose essential oils and topped with lavender, gomphrena, and mint leaves. Your candle may include any of the following crystals and their benefits:

Black onyx prevents the drain of personal energy, absorbs and transforms negative energy, provides emotional and physical strength when you are stressed, and provides support for self-discipline.

Blue agate repels negative energy and leads to inner balance and helps to bring forth ideas.

Howlite releases blockages, which enables you to deal with life situations, and stimulates a better life. It soothes a raging mind and enables you to become more open-minded.

Unakite helps you to let go of negative thoughts and emotions, making you emotionally resilient and strong in times of victimization. It creates a balance between your physical and spiritual lives.

Smoky quartz blocks geopathic stress, absorbs electromagnetic energy released by electronics and power lines, and helps prevents theft, damage, and accidents.

Leopard jasper repels negative energies and brings vitality, strength, and stability if you are dealing with chaotic energies in your life.

Snowflake obsidian is calming and soothing and brings balance for body, mind, and spirit especially during changes. It also promotes dispassion and centering.

Serpentine protects you against intentional malicious bad luck and behavior, and even dark magic. It hardens your aura and helps you to develop strength and serenity, making it impossible for bad energy to touch you. 

Obsidian has a grounding, reflective, and protective energy, which makes it a powerful tool when you are ready to release some dark and heavy energy from your aura.

Hematite is a powerful ally for growth and changes if you feel out of balance, not grounded, lack personal boundaries, feel unsafe, or can’t stand up for yourself.

I am confident candle

This spicy candle is infused with ginger, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg essential oils and topped with lavender, gomphrena, and mint leaves. Your candle may include any of the following crystals and their benefits:

Red jasper brings balance, stamina, courage, and the inner strength of a warrior. It also brings incredible grounding properties no matter how high you’re flying.

Aventurine increases joy and a positive mindset to help you move forward through changes and challenges.

Serpentine attunes you and makes you comfortable with change by helping you to see the bigger picture and learn from nature which has endured for millions of years.

Sodalite brings wisdom, clarity of thought, creativity, and cosmic beauty which work together to make you feel more confident.

Citrine brings confidence, stability, inner strength, protection, joy, positivity, prosperity, and generosity while driving out anger and negative energy.

Pink agate brings clarity of mind, facilitates smooth change in life, and introduces strength during tough times.

Picture jasper helps you to relax, reconnect, and regain your composure and promotes security and stability. 

Amethyst stimulates the mind, improves mental focus, sparks new ideas, improves decision-making, and assists with goal-setting and achievement. 

I am calm candle

This earthy, floral candle is infused with cedarwood, pine, chamomile, and orange essential oils and topped with calendula and helichrysum bracteatum. Your candle may include any of the following crystals and their benefits:

Clear quartz reduces tension and stress while increasing acceptance, balance, and feelings of stability.

Amethyst relaxes the body, calms the mind, reduces stress, reduces insomnia, and improves your meditation practice.

White jade makes you feel peaceful and calm and helps you to settle down while removing negative energy.

Purple agate is associated with tranquility, relaxation, balance, inner cleanliness, meditation, relief from pain, and stress relief.

How to use crystal-infused candles

Burn candles until the wax pools to the edge of the glass to prevent tunneling which wastes the wax stuck to the sides of the glass. This is particularly important for the first burn. Never burn your candle longer than 4 hours. Trim the wick to 1/4″ regularly. If any crystal falls onto the wick, wait until the wax is cool, and then use a spoon to guide the crystal back to the sidewall of the glass.

Over time, your crystals will sink into the wax pool as it melts, enabling them to quietly release their vibrations and healing energy! Don’t remove them until your candle is finished. Remove the hard wax, wash your crystals in soap and hot water and pat dry. You may use your crystal in Reiki, meditation, chakra healing, etc.

Clean the glass jar with hot water and soap and use it as a decoration, a flower pot, or to organize other areas of your life.

Buy all our crystal candles today to help manifest the life you want!