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meaning of wellness

What is the Meaning of Wellness?

The whole world is changing due to the pandemic of 2020. The wellness industry has become more critical than ever before. From overall health to mental health, people are making changes in how they live their lives and aim to better understand the meaning of

Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat

You Need A Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat and Here’s Why

Did you know anything that’s produced with chemicals sends out toxic emissions and leaves chemical waste? For years, we practice yoga on vinyl materials, synthetic PVC (also known as polyvinyl chloride), and other plastics. When you practice on synthetic materials, as opposed to an all-natural,

8 Black Yoga YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To

It’s hard trying to find people to look like you in the yoga space. When you’re trying to find a class through YouTube, the search can seem endless to find black yoga YouTubers and styles you like. We’ve been there and we get it. Your

Different Types of Yoga

Different Types of Yoga Styles and Their Benefits

Different types of yoga styles have slightly different methodologies and interpretations. The primary tenet is non-harming, which begins with choosing the right type of yoga for you to get all the various benefits of yoga. Here’s a list of different types of yoga styles and