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You Need A Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat and Here’s Why

Did you know anything that’s produced with chemicals sends out toxic emissions and leaves chemical waste? For years, we practice yoga on vinyl materials, synthetic PVC (also known as polyvinyl chloride), and other plastics. When you practice on synthetic materials, as opposed to an all-natural, sustainable cork yoga mat, you may breathe in the chemicals that the mats are produced of.


Additionally, these synthetic mats have a very negative impact on our planet. They tend to degrade faster, meaning we have to spend more money to replace them, and create more waste over time. At BYS, we recommend natural materials. They have a longer lifetime and are more environmentally friendly.  

We know it’s hard to find a yoga mat suitable for you. We’ve all been there! This is a huge factor in why we focus on cork yoga mats and props. When starting out, many new yogis tend to get the cheapest mat that doesn’t support their body or last very long. By investing in eco-friendly and sustainable materials for your yoga gear, you’ll have items that cushion your body and last for many years. Black Yoga Society encourages this trend!

This is what you should look for when purchasing a mat:

  • Try to discover how long the manufacturer advises you to use it. A sustainable mat can last many years and much longer than a synthetic one. 
  • Google the materials. If it’s not biodegradable or recyclable, it’s not eco-friendly and will end up costing you more in the long run. 
  • Look for mats produced with natural materials, like rubber, cork, hemp, etc. Check if the mat is also produced free of toxic materials and chemical emission.

We love using our cork yoga mat for our practice! 

The wonderful thing about cork is how sustainable it is. The cork comes from the bark of the Cork Oak tree. The tree doesn’t need to be cut down to harvest the cork, which is why it’s such a sustainable material.

Not only is it strong, all-natural, and can self-clean (thanks to its antimicrobial quality), but it also looks beautiful and absorbs sweat—perfect for sweaty yoga classes. When wet, the cork yoga mat actually becomes MORE grippy, which helps you stabilize in your flows. Even in regular heat yoga classes, the grip is sturdy and can easily be sprayed with your favourite mat spray if you need extra grip. 

Although the mat is a little higher in price, it’s cheaper in the long run because of how long it lasts compared to synthetic alternatives. At BYS, we love using our cork yoga mat because it gives us the best grip in our practice. The fact that it’s a natural product gives the sensation of being grounded or closer to earth when getting into your favourite yoga postures. 

You can find the BYS Plant-Based Cork & Natural Rubber Yoga Mat on our website. As the name suggests, it’s made from 100% plant-based cork and natural rubber. Our one-of-a-kind design is created with Black yogi and allies in mind!

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