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8 Black Yoga YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To

It’s hard trying to find people to look like you in the yoga space. When you’re trying to find a class through YouTube, the search can seem endless to find black yoga YouTubers and styles you like. We’ve been there and we get it. Your search ends here.

Here are 8 Black yoga YouTubers you need to subscribe to:

1. Arianna Elizabeth

Arianna is based in Nebraska and has been doing yoga since 2015. Her qualifications include E-RY T200 and YACEP. Arianna has a great collection of videos varying in length and difficulty.

When not doing yoga on YouTube, Arianna is a wedding and lifestyle photographer.

2. Channing Hixon

Atlanta-based Channing is not only a yoga teacher at multiple studios, but also has roller skate maintenance videos, chats, and more on her channel. She is a good follow if you want more than just yoga videos.

3. Ani O Yoga

Trish (also known as Ani) is a yoga teacher in Richmond Hill, Canada. If you’re a beginner, she has amazing videos that break down moves to the minuscule level. If you’re on a crunch for time, most of her videos are 25 minutes and under!

4. RETURN TO KEMET • Kemetic Yoga & Wellness

Run by Sarah & Tony, Return to Kemet’s YouTube videos have flows based on the African yoga style of Kemetic Yoga. Their videos are filmed in front of beautiful scenery and include calm voiceovers.

5. Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn is one of the most popular Black yogis known for spreading body positivity in the yoga space. She has a yoga-based app called “The Under Belly”, a podcast, a book called “Every Body Yoga,” AND so many published articles, we can’t count them all.

6. Yirser Ra Hotep

Yirser is a master yoga instructor with 35+ years of teaching experience. He’s the President/CEO of Chicago-based YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga and a university professor.

7. Erica Rascon

Erica has a multitude of videos about yoga, loc maintenance, and essential oils. She is the founder of Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga, a 500-hr RYT, and a master herbalist.


8. Tereney Alana-Grace

Tereney is one of the newer yogis on the list, but this Texas-based teacher has a lot of personality. Her vlogs and make-up tutorials really show her fun personality. She isn’t afraid to get real in her videos.