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beginner-friendly meditations

New To Mindfulness? Here Are Some Beginner-Friendly Meditations

Beginner-friendly meditations are a great way to develop your practice through gradually increasing your meditation time as you become more comfortable with it. As we start to delve into our spiritual journey, the practice of meditation can help us to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by stopping our minds from

8 Black Yoga YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To

It’s hard trying to find people to look like you in the yoga space. When you’re trying to complete a class through YouTube, the search can seem endless to find black yoga YouTubers. We’ve been there and we get it. Your search ends here. Here are 8 Black yoga YouTubers

BYS’s Top 10 Black Wellness Podcasts

While Black Wellness podcasts are still a growing sub-genre, there is a good amount out there to choose from. Podcasts are an amazing way to get information while on the go, cleaning, driving, or working. You can have them playing in the background while doing your work and gain valuable

Different Types of Yoga

Different Types of Yoga Asanas and Their Benefits

Different types of yoga have slightly different methodologies and interpretations. The primary tenet is non-harming, which begins with choosing the right type of yoga for you to get all the various benefits of yoga. Here’s a list of the different types of yoga And their benefits: Hatha Yoga Hatha is