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New To Mindfulness? Here Are Some Beginner-Friendly Meditations

Beginner-friendly meditations are a great way to develop your practice through gradually increasing your meditation time as you become more comfortable with it. As we start to delve into our spiritual journey, the practice of meditation can help us to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by stopping our minds from wandering to our past mistakes and the negative futures we imagine in our heads

Meditation is the root of mindfulness. Rooted in the practice of Buddhism, the practice of mindfulness involves living in the present, experiencing life with no judgment, and full awareness. As you grow your practice, you’ll notice that meditation is a great way to bring more calmness into your life and you’ll feel the difference of a day with meditation versus a day without.

If you’re new to meditation, we’ve provided some guided ones of various lengths to help you develop your own practice. We suggest doing them after your yoga practice, twice a day, and increasing the length gradually.

5-Minute Beginner-Friendly Meditations

For Learning How To Meditate:

For Anxiety:

For Positive Energy:

For Gratitude:

For Manifesting:

For Letting Go:

For Breath-Focus:

10-Minute Beginner-Friendly Meditations

For Mornings:

For Anxiety (one of my personal favourites):

For Sleep & Deep Relaxation:

For Present-Moment Mindfulness:

For Body Scan/Vipassana Technique:

For Clear Thoughts:

For Reclaiming Your Power:

For Self-Love:

For #BlackLivesMatter:

15-Minute Beginner-Friendly Meditations

For Self-Love:

For Black Women:

For Stress:

For Forgiveness and Spreading Love:

For Sleep: