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Meet The Community: Ashley Harris

Welcome to Black Yoga Society’s Meet The Community! Every Monday and Thursday, we feature a member sharing their spiritual journey and discussing all their wins and losses along the way. If you’d like to be featured, contact us.

My name is Ashley Harris and I’m from New Orleans, LA .

I started my spiritual journey when I wasn’t getting clear answers in the church. I became hungry for knowledge and understanding of God and the universe. After searching “consciousness”, a video from Eckart Tolle shifted me to become more present in my life. I also kept coming across this lady named Afrodity Stone during my heavy study in the church, who was into African spirituality. From there, I went down the rabbit hole.

“Since starting my journey, I’ve been more intentional about my life — more present, mindful, and balanced.”

Since starting my journey, I’ve been more intentional about my life — more present, mindful, and balanced. I’ve been able to attract like-minded people and amazing opportunities. I’ve been able to try reiki (distant and in-person), candle rituals, womb work, yoni steam, spiritual baths, detox cleanse. I will be expanding to reiki, reiki attunements, and crown chakra scans.

As a Black person in the wellness space, running into so-called spiritual, yoga teachers who really didn’t care for me to be around but no problem collecting my money was one of the biggest difficulties I faced. Also, white yoga teachers treating me like a nobody, Mean Girls-style. However, I was blessed to be a yoga teacher at a women trauma healing retreat two years in a row. This gave me the opportunity to teach others and small groups!

Some of my greatest accomplishments in this space include starting the first, every ‘Black Girls Do Yoga’ Facebook group, hosting a free chakra series yoga meet up, putting together yoga challenges, and bringing amazing women together. My most recent project has been completing my natural hair journey book, which discusses holistic alternative, and takes you on a 4-week journey to transitioning to a more natural lifestyle. Of course, yoga is involved, and I discuss how yoga is good for hair growth.

You can get involved by joining the Facebook group or following any of my social media accounts if you would like to contribute. I’m also open to collaborating!

Follow me: @awakenyour_flow, Black Girls Do Yoga Facebook group, & @tripledddivas.

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