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meet the community: Eternity Philops

Welcome to Black Yoga Society’s Meet The Community! Every Monday and Thursday, we feature a member sharing their spiritual journey and discussing all their wins and losses along the way. If you’d like to be featured, contact us.

I’m Eternity Philops, based in Charlotte Queen City of North Carolina.

It wasn’t actually a decision on my part to begin my yoga journey. I believe that Spirit guided me to Yoga, even to becoming a Yoga teacher before I ever knew what Yoga truly was. After I took a single Yoga class with a Black woman teacher, I was intrigued and kept going back. Not long after, opportunity after opportunity to become a Yoga teacher was presented to me, and I simply made the decision to say “yes” to every single one. 

“Healing is a continuing, lifelong process that shifts with every experience”

 I never, in a million years, would have thought I’d be where I am today. I went from knowing nothing about Yoga to becoming a Yoga teacher, having my own private yoga studio. I’m even developing my own Yoga system! I have walked a path that I didn’t see for my life, but the journey has been enlightening and transformative. I have explored my self and Spirit much more deeply because of it.

 Healing is a continuing, lifelong process that shifts with every experience. My most recent healing has been of the heart, which has been devastated by numerous broken relationships. My growth in Yoga, as well as in energy healing modalities and therapeutic self-reflection, has helped me to gain new, heart-mending perspectives on life and love. To help others in the same way, I offer services centering Yoga education, energy healing, and Self development coaching through my business, Soul Liberation Wellness.

 I’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded by wonderful Black Yoga and wellness teachers throughout my journey. From what I’ve experienced in non-Black-centered spaces, the energy is different; there’s a sense of unease and not belonging. This is especially true as a Black queer person, because even Black-centered spaces may not be inclusive spaces. I’ve made such struggles a strength by focusing my services specifically on BIPOC and QTPOC communities and centering Black identity in my teachings.

 My first and greatest success is my own personal, spiritual, and socially conscious growth. Without that, I have nothing to offer anyone else. From there, my most recent success is the launch of Kamili Yoga, a modern Pan-African Yoga system. With its creation, I hope to add to the limited but growing options for Afrocentric Yoga systems in the same vein as Kemetic Yoga® and Afro Flow Yoga. 

Another project I’ve created is BlackYogaMagic, a worldwide directory of Yoga teachers of the African diaspora. Readers can learn more about it at And to learn more about Kamili Yoga, please visit There’s lots of details about the creation of the system as well as the core tenets and practices!

To find out more about me and what I do, check out these links:
IG: @MySoulLiberation | @Kamili Yoga | @BlackYogaMagic

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