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Smudging for Beginners: What to Use and How to Do It Properly

Have you ever wondered why people talk about burning sage when they move into a new home? They say it’s to release any negative energy from the previous owner before starting fresh. Who wants to bring old baggage into something new? So, when I moved into my new house, I did a little research on smudging for beginners to get some insight into the subject.

Smudging for Beginners’ Basics: What is Smudging?

Smudging is the burning of resins, wood, or herbs to clear negative energy and bring in new clean energy. Also known as a smoke offering, you can use it to bless a space like your home or office and its people.

If you are looking to release some negative energy but not sure of where to start? You are in the right place.

Where Did This Start?

If you do your research before you get started, you will find that smudging is not a new ritual. It has been around for centuries. It was a common practice of the Native American and Indigenous Cultures. Throughout history, people burned sage to connect to the spirit realm. It marked the beginning of ceremonies and was a sacred religious practice—the smoke created from smudging pushed out negative energy and purified religious spaces.

The Benefits of Smudging Your Home

Now that you have a little history on the subject, you should know that smudging has many benefits when you burn them in your home or space.

  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Sleep
  • A boost in energy levels
  • Soothes Stress
  • Improves memory and focus
  • It purifies the air.
  • Promotes Relaxation

Before you begin, there are a few things that you will need.

Get Your Materials

There are many different materials that you can use for smudging. Starting with a few different types of plant materials. Imphepo (or African Sage) is used to drive away negative spirits and cleanse energy. Frankincense removes negative or unwanted energies or vibrations. Myrrh is a resin that cleanses, heals, and uplifts the spirit. Sage (or white sage) is the most common for smudging. Known for purifying the air and also improves your mood. Palo Santo is a type of wood from South America. When burned, it clears negativity and brings fresh creativity into your space. After you choose the herbs, you will need:

  • A smudge stick
  • candles and matches
  • A fireproof bowl
  • A bowl of sand to extinguish

Be sure to take care of your supplies and only use them when you need to clear a space or release negative energy. This ritual can be done once a year or more often if needed.